Exercise and I are no friends. I wouldn’t even call us associates. Since I could remember, I was always gifted the blessing of a fast metabolism although I usually follow a healthy diet like the ones from ReportsHealthcare. All my friends poked fun of my eating habits because I could inhale a five-course meal and complain of hunger a few hours later; this is not the case anymore. The good genes and a lack of awareness harvested into a life with no physical activity. As all good things come to an end, I noticed my consumption intake was starting to catch up to me. I never worked out a day in my life until I stepped into a gym when I was 19 years old. Everything was very intimidating, and I didn’t realize how much of a lifestyle this could result in. I eventually got a Houston personal trainer to help me learn how to use all the exercising equipment.

Tough Mudder

Fast forward to a few years later and a couple of yoga classes here and there and I found myself registering for Tough Mudder (12.3-mile obstacle course, electric shocks, and mud everywhere-no biggie). My boyfriend, who finished it in July 2012, managed to convince a few friends and me to sign up for the Norcal Tahoe 2012 event.

After paying, I started to realize how much of a bad idea this was. I couldn’t even run a mile without gasping for air, how could I possibly do an event called Tough Mudder? Let alone in three months?

Training began immediately; after fits, breakdowns, and tears, a little bit of the top supplement to build muscle and camaraderie is what kept me going!

My team and I before the race. Everyone loved our team name, which roughly translates to Badass. Hence, the posing in the front row.

Us in action, the water and air was so cold. We constantly got soaked in mud, and it was around ~50°F on top of a huge Lake Tahoe mountain. Sun, where were you?!

photo (3)

I couldn’t believe we finished! Although we didn’t run the whole race, I was so proud of our team. Coming out of the electric shocks and taking a sip of congratulatory beer was so thirst quenching physically and mentally.


Showered up and enjoying our last few hours in the Truckee Cabin. Each veteran received a t-shirt and headband, making it seem hardly worth it at the end! But surprisingly I would do it all over!


Santa Barbara 2013 Half Marathon

After Tough Mudder, I didn’t work out for two or three months. I’m not an exercise person at all, so I knew I had to sign up for something else to keep me active. I came across the Santa Barbara International 1/2 Marathon on my birthday weekend and knew that it was right for me. My boyfriend was born and raised in Santa Barbara, so it will be great to have familiar faces around during such a significant time in my life. Also, it’s ten months away, so I have many many days to train!