This weekend was the one year anniversary of my most badassery event to date.

Tough Mudder!

Most of us do not really hang out as much anymore due to scheduling and other things, but I’ll always have these awesome memories with them because of our camaraderie.

I came home a few days ago only to find a wooden Mallard duck sitting on my bed. Not only was it really random but a little creepy as well.


Turns out it was re-gifted to me by one of my roommates that just moved out. Who would want to give up such a charming piece of decor is a surprise to me.

I haven’t been feeling well this weekend so I have been trying to keep it somewhat low key. I stumbled upon a free Italian cooking and invited one of my favorite people to come with me.


The class was hosted by Delverde pasta company. They started their first US tour in NYC and it was such a success that they decided to come to the best city in the world, San Francisco. Our three Italian cooks were so funny and I feel like they should have their own cooking show.

It was hosted at Alessi‘s flagship store and I also bought a pair of espresso cups to use with my Gran Maestria. No more needing to use shot glasses to drink my morning espresso!


They taught us how to make a zucchini and prosciutto pasta salad with cream sauce from scratch. It was so delicious and I will post the recipe for you one day soon.


Love you Abs and thanks for coming! 🙂 I had to resize the picture because it looked really scary with our heads being so big. If you stare long enough, our eyes will steal your soul.


Now to stop beating around the bush, the highlight of my weekend was of course the season finale of Breaking Bad. I’m still thinking if I was happy with the ending. I’ll let you know when I figure it out. What made the experience even better was me eating San Tungs take-out for dinner.


Anyone that has lived in the city knows that these are like serious crack and the restaurant is one of the few Chinese restaurants that has a 1-2 hour wait every night. Even waiting for them to be ready took over 40 minutes.


So worth it though. Tell me when you come to San Francisco and I will take you.

Good-bye Breaking Bad! Last night was the end of a legacy.


Sorry for not keeping up with everyone’s blog these past few days. I have been all over the place but I’m excited to start reading again tomorrow. I find so much inspiration, funny stories and new information every day because of you guys. Hugs! /end corny

Have you ever attended a cooking class? What did you think of the finale?

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  1. You did Tough Mudder?!?! You might be certifiably crazy but I’m seriously impressed. I would have drowned in the mud like a sad puppy…That cooking class looks amazing. I’ve done a couple cooking classes but none for free. Just another reason to move to SF

  2. Tough Mudder!! I’m so impressed. And you got me so excited about Breaking Bad – I actually watched the finale last night! I also saw one episode before it! And I made my 2 year old sleep on the couch so I could see the finale – I’m a bad bad mother 🙂

  3. I really want to do the Tough Mudder at some point – though, I want to make sure I have someone to do it with! I think those types of races are more fun with friends 🙂 Also, that cooking class looks like so much fun! I’ve never been to a cooking class but my husband and I have discussed taking one together 🙂

  4. I can’t wait to watch Breaking Bad, it’s recorded sitting for me to get to it..so many to watch..
    Tough mudder love love it, looks like you had a great time. The cooking class, that looks like fun too. Take care and rest up.

  5. Oh I haven’t watched Breaking Bad yet!!! We were driving home when it was on and didn’t make it back until it was over. I’m hoping tonight we can watch it but it’s not looking good schedule-wise! Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well. That’s no fun. Get better soon!

  6. Sorry you haven’t been feeling well. I took the weekend pretty easy because I was feeling so run down. I still feel run down even after getting 10 hours of sleep on sat and sunday!

    That’s cool you took a cooking class! I have my AA in Culinary Arts, so yes, i’ve taken cooking classes. They are so fun! I think about taking more all the time!

  7. Tough Mudder looks like such a blast! I’m sure those memories will last you a lifetime.

    Haha- you are too funny. Our eyes will steal your soul. You girls are too pretty to steal anyone’s soul.

    Looks like a great weekend, even with the creepy mallard on your bed. Hope you are feeling better!

  8. Ok you have convinced me. When I finish my exams, I am getting into breaking bad!

    I was going to do tough mudder, until someone told me I’d get electrocuted! I once attended a cooking class when I was in Italy! It wasn’t very good, the Elderly host wanted to hit me with her rolling pin as I understood NOTHING.

    Hope your week is off to a good start!

  9. I’ve never heard of Tough Mudder before but since everyone else above seems impressed I am suitably impressed as well! 🙂 Looks like a very tough event…

    I haven’t taken a cooking class before but I could REALLY use one!

  10. Dude I’ve always wanted to do a tough mudder! Those pictures are awesome and I bet if my friends and I got together we’d have so much fun too! I’ve heard you NEED teams so that people can get through safely and thoroughly. 🙂
    Dude, minus the meat in that pasta, that looks AMAZING! i have never taken a cooking class and I’ve always wanted to because I’m so bad at cooking. I feel like they’d kick me out and be like, “come back when you know what the measurement of one cup is, please, and thanks.”

    • Dude too be honest I can totally see you doing Tough Mudder! There’s also Spartan Race which I would love to do one day, maybe you can look at that one! They have different mileage whereas Tough Mudder is just one course.

  11. There’s a long-standing duck joke in my family. Every year for Christmas someone gets this big, creepy duck decoy.

    Hulk and I did the Vineman mud run last year, and it was so awesome! I love mud runs, and Tough Mudder would be soooo badass cool!

  12. hahaha those tough mudder pics are amazing!! looks like such a fun time with a fun group!! and also i swear we had a wooden mallard duck just like that one, im not even sure where it came from- those are just everywhere in boston. it probably migrated 🙂 and that pasta looks outrageously good. like, beyond. and finally- OMG I LOVED THE FINALE.

  13. Ah! I’ve always wanted to do a tough mudder, and your pictures make me want to do one even more now! We have two of those mallard ducks at my house. My dad bought them when he was really little because he thought they were pretty, and here we are! Love them!

  14. On a scale of 1-10, how tough was the Tough Mudder? My friend asked me to do one and I was like HAAAA no maybe next year. And I really need to start watching Breaking Bad because that’s all anyone is talking about! I’m so out of it.

    • To be honest, I’d say around a 5. I had a really good team and we pushed/helped/motivated each other the whole way. We didn’t run the full course (13~ miles), but it can be a lot more challenging if you were racing for a time!

  15. Oooh you look pretty bad ass doing your Tough Mudder run thingy. Did you have to crawl through those pipes!? which were semi filled with water. Yikes.
    Watching chefs cook is fascinating isn’t it? I’ve seen a couple of cook offs and have loved it.
    Feel better soon.

    • Yes we had to crawl through those pipes, and that wasn’t even the dirtiest part of the whole thing. When showering back at the cabin, there was mud in places I would never of imagined. Ha!

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