Father Of Mine

Happy birthday to my dad!


To my father who gave me sweet memories of driving in Golden Gate Park and singing That’s The Way Love Is by Marvin Gaye. He never lets me be the lead, ugh.


Who started my life-long enamoring with food and cuisine. Without him, I would not have known the difference between soppressata and finocchiona salami at the tender age of 11.

I love how I am just chompin’ on the cupcake and not giving a shit about the picture at all.


To the man who raised me to fold a thin-crust pizza like a real New Yorker. As a native, he could not eat it any other way.

Also for wearing Sperry’s before they were cool.

PS: I think we were at Coney Island.


I am sorry you had to spend $85 dollars for me to end up eating only mashed potatoes at the Thanksgiving buffet in Vail when Lauren first moved to Colorado.

She never lets me forget.

I went ice skating on Friday. It has not felt like the holidays because we are having California weather and it is sunny almost every day. However, going to Union Square at night with the tree lit and Macy’s wreath decorations brought some of the cheer out.

It was my first time ice skating, and it took me a good 10 minutes to let go of the rail.


I look like I am having a blast, but I am secretly scared for my life in the picture below.

photo (5).jpg

Although the sun has been out, the air is frigid, and we can see our breaths inside the house at night. Everyone here had a minimum of two jackets and three blankets on last week, so we looked up the temperature only to see it was 50°. I have never felt like such a huge weenie before. New York is going to kick my butt when I go in less than a month (speaking of which, I really need to start planning my time there).

Happy birthday again, father of mine.

What is your favorite memory with your parents? Have you gone ice skating this year yet?

18 thoughts on “Father Of Mine

  1. Such a sweet post Tara! Happy Birthday to your dad!!!
    I am a big “weenie” when it comes to cold weather too – I think anything below 60 is FREEZIN! I was stoked to find fleece tights and undershirts at Target this weekend 🙂

    One of my fav moments as a child was playing chess with my dad with pineapple juice and peanuts on the side!

    Happy planning for New York – if you happen to be in Brooklyn, there’s this cafe called Fabiane’s http://www.fabianescafeandpastry.com/ that used to have the bestest pistachio cake and pistachio creme brulee ever!!!

  2. Happy birthday to your dad!

    Uhmmmm ice skating is hard. Period. I always have to hold onto the wall for the first 5 mins before I become brave enough to let go. And even then I skate verrrrrry slowly. I don’t think I’ve been ice skating in two years or so. It’s fun, but I’m a baby and I get cold quickly and then want to stop.

  3. Happy birthday to your Dad! I actually have amazing memories skating with my Dad. I was a figure skater and he was a hockey player and it was basically the only sport we could play together since I’m afraid of balls and team sports haha. I don’t pretend I’m a huge Daddy’s girl and he doesn’t pretend that I’m the favorite of his three daughters (or so I tell myself!)

  4. Happy birthday to your dad!!! He sounds like a wonderful person. 🙂

    One of my favorite childhood memories is playing badminton with my parents and sister in our backyard in the summertime.

  5. Happy Birthday Dad
    You are a really good ‘you’.

    Favorite memory? Sunday morning brunch at Shenson’s [Jewish Delicatessen Extraordinaire] on Geary.

    2 perfectly toasted poppy seed bagels, open faced, with full-fat cream cheese, lox, capers, slice of tomato and ring of red onion. In exactly that order. 2 pickles.

    You read the newspaper while you ate (..chewing loudly, but somehow it wasn’t as obnoxious to me as it should’ve been) and totally ignoring me – as I blew on my boiling hot matzo ball soup to cool it down and sipped on my chocolate egg cream.

    But it didn’t matter that we weren’t in engaged in full on daddy-daughter jargon. Because holding that space with you was home to me.

    Ps. Are you even a little surprised that my favorite dad-memory revolves around food?

  6. Wow, you look so much like your mother in that one photo! I hope you’re just going to New York to visit and not permanently? I love New York. If you’re going for fun, there are just too many things to do. And yes, it will be cold in February for sure.

  7. Awe happy birthday to your father!!! You’re lucky to have such an awesome father and he’s lucky to have such an awesome daughter.
    I haven’t been ice skating this year, but there’s still time right?!

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