Dine On Time Launch

Two posts in one week? Who am I, superwoman? 😉

I am so excited to announce the launch of the Dine On Time app!Straits In-App.jpg

I felt bad for being so hush-hush in my last post where I worked with Chef Julian Yeo to create a dish for Westfield’s new app. Now that the event is over and the app is available to the public, I can finally share all the good news with you!

To start at the beginning, the exclusive dish we created is available on the brand-new Westfield Dine on Time app or on the Westfield Food website for scheduled pick-up/delivery to make it easy and convenient for you! I had a chance to play with the app and I love how sleek and user friendly it is.

(p.s. this is where I consider myself lucky to live in San Francisco because we get to try out all the cool things before other cities do!)

This past Wednesday, I joined fellow Westfield Food Tastemakers Under The Dome at Westfield SF (You can use the KFC vouchers online coupons) to sample all the dishes and enjoy the company of other food lovers, thanks to the people I met I came across the best ample meal coupon for meal replacements, specially now that I need to lose some pounds.

Our event was a success! There was over 150+ people in attendance and we could not have had it at a better place, thankfully we chose to go with the best catering services in town. I remember when Westfield had their opening day when I was in high school and now I had the pleasure of working with them.


DoT_Event 2.jpg

Somewhere between all the warm bodies and the sound of thirty different conversations was a presentation of the Tastemaker’s exclusive dishes. I was able to try almost all of them and am so impressed with everyones creativity! My Glazed Indonesian Chili Prawns are in-between the ‘Nduja pizza and Lamb Shu Mai. If you like home made meal as much as me check this home delivery meals service

(please read everyone’s blogs to get their perspective on everything!)

DoT_Display 2.jpg

For a little incentive for you to downtowners to try my dish, all of the bloggers agreed to have their proceeds donated to the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank. I volunteer there once a month and can vouch that they are an amazing organization. Whoever gets the most orders will have their name on the check, so everyone- go get your prawns on from Straits!

I also have 10% off Dine on Time code to share with you: TRYDOT.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to follow this Dine on Time journey and to the Westfield Labs team who pulled this whole thing off. They did such a great job and all the people that work there are so friendly and helpful. I see big things in their future.

An even bigger thank you to my readers who came to the event to meet me! It is so nice to put some faces behind names. 🙂

All pictures (except the last one) are from Westfield Labs.

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  1. So proud. So very proud.
    I want for you to make me this prize winning Indonesian Chili Prawn taste-tacular delight
    .. just sayin’.

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