Chinese Thanksgiving

I know you are excited for Thanksgiving. Turkey, stuffing, a side of greens and a delicious pumpkin pie (or rhubarb if it is up to me). My past few T-days have been less than eventful, but I always make up for it by eating very well the day before and after. In this case, two days before and two days after. 🙂


Weryoo, a new app on the market, contacted me and asked if I wanted to try out some of their cool features while dining at a handful of my favorite restaurants. Of course! I am always looking for a new way to find pictures of restaurants in the city.

Essentially, it is similar to Instagram where there is a feed, but it focuses more on the map feature so you can see what is going on in your hood at any given moment. You can see my pictures here!

I eat out a lot. I admit it. Everything from Persian to Mexican, I love each and every type of culture’s cuisine. However, there is always going to be a special place in my heart for authentic Chinese food. Ever since I was a little lady, my family went out to eat every Sunday and the most memorable ones was at our favorite Chinese restaurant. It just felt like home.

That is how it felt tonight at the R&G Lounge. This place is quite popular in San Francisco for being the ‘best’ Chinese food, but I have to disagree. While it is delicious, there are so many different levels of greatness in Chinese food from hole-in-the-walls to fancy gourmet. It is really hard to chose just one, right?


Lychee martini for Abs and McCallan 12 for moi.


Before we begin, let me apologize by how horrible the lighting is in Chinese restaurants. I do not get it. Does the yellow florescence just make the food taste better or what? Because I have been to many in America and China and it is the same internationally wide.

R&G is known for it’s live battered crab deep-fried and sprinkled with salt and pepper seasonings. To be honest, this is my first time eating crab and it was amazing. I am becoming a grown-up, y’all.


One of my favorite dishes that weird people out is jellyfish. It is so good. Everyone is always surprised when I tell them I don’t eat seafood, but I eat shrimp, jellyfish and calamari. Please fly out to SF so I can have you taste my favorite appetizer.


Have you had Peking duck? This was a sliced lamb in spicy sauce version. I personally did not try it because I do not eat lamb (gamey and it’s my Chinese astrology sign {lame, I know}). My friends said it was tasty and paired well with the bao.


I know I have been gloating about every dish, but my favorite vegetable prepared in my favorite way is Chinese peashoots, aka dau mui. They are sautéed in garlic and salt and taste perfect every time. These are truly a seasonal dish because they are only available in the winter time.

A little pricey, but worth it every time.


The last two entrees were Szechuan pork and X.O steak cubes.


One thing I noticed while hanging out with my pallies is that they like to use their plates! Friends, use your bowls!

A. Your rice soaks up all the delectable sauces and flavors

B. It makes it easier to scoop out the last morsel of rice with your chopsticks


Last but not least, red bean soup for dessert. I have grown to love it as I got older. My dad, who loves everything about Chinese culture (hello, look at me), can not stand red bean soup. He said that dessert is suppose to be cold, so we went to get a It’s-It every Sunday after dinner.

Sorry father, I have to disagree with this one. Red bean soup is delicious and keeps my tummy nice and warm.


Happy Thanksgiving from me and Abs!


Looking back at the meal, it is funny how we had every type of meat except chicken, the most plentiful kind there is.

Weryoo compensated our parties’ dinner, but as always, all opinions are proudly my own.

Where are you going for Turkey Day?

Anyone doing an untraditional dinner like I am? Puerto Rican After Thanksgiving for me and it is the most excited I have been all year. Can not wait for Lily’s tostones.

22 thoughts on “Chinese Thanksgiving

  1. Ohhh yum you just made me want Chinese food really badly. What would you say the best Chinese food restaurant in SF is, in your opinion? I’m only asking because I’m going to be traveling to SF for work and we were looking into maybe going to a Chinese restaurant. I figured you’d be a good person to ask 🙂

    • Yay, that is so exciting. You will love it here! E-mail me closer to the dates and I will get more info from you and send you some ideas of where to dine!

  2. I will take crab over turkey any and every time! Love Crab! Even with the lighting – your photos capture all the scrumptiousness of those dishes!
    My daughter and I are taking it easy – keeping it low key with a sweet potato/pumpkin/pecan souffle-ish dish and roast chicken 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving Tara!

  3. Since I’m sitting here with the Hostess with the Mostess herself, I’ll let her do the talkin’
    Lili says:
    “Wue-pa! Thanksgiving Boriqua style!
    Can’t wait for Tara and my hungry guests to wolf down my turkey, arroz con gandules, tostones, followed by my signature piña coladas.”

  4. I agree, R&G Lounge is good, but not worth the crazy crowds sometimes. And I think it depends on what you order. Congrats on eating your first crab! You can’t live in San Francisco and not eat Dungeness crab during crab season. I also love jellyfish at Chinese restaurants (I like it when it’s a bit crunchy), especially when paired with seaweed salad! … I’m going to Cavalier to try their prix fixe menu for Thanksgiving. No dishes to clean! LOL. Happy turkey day!

    • I had to keep it a little more Western because my friends would have been a little shocked at what I usually order when I’m out eating with my family! Ha.

      I am jealous that you are going to Cavalier, I tried but they are completely booked for tomorrow. Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  5. Those tostones look awesome! I want to make some. Never had red bean soup, sounds interesting as a dessert. I love Chinese food but obviously miss out on a lot of authentic stuff being a vegetarian
    My friends and I found out there is a restaurant open here for thanksgiving so we got ourselves a reservation! And we are scouting for breakfast/brunch/lunch places because In my house we’ve agreed to not lift a finger tomorrow!
    Happy thanksgiving !

  6. Celebrate like a boss for me- I love reading all your posts and reviews, not because of the mouth watering meals and writing style but I can relate to alot of it- especially coming from a mixed background with different traditions. I must agree with your dad- Red bean soup = gross. Even worse- red bean and durian ice cream. :s Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. My American mother is hosting T-giving on Saturday that will be filled with Canadians who have ZERO appreciation for this blessed holiday. I however was not invited…yet am expected to cook? Yeah, I dunno.

    Sorry about the mobile site! Working on it 🙂

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