Chicago Comes To San Francisco

A few weeks ago, Chi and I went to Noe Valley for a date night. I was really excited to post about our deep dish pizza, but came home and saw that my pizza pictures were just not cutting it. So, I put them in the archives to let them cool off until we ate at Patxi’s again. I was leaving lab yesterday and had a huge craving for pizza, so I called DubVEatz and ordered one, and waited until it was delivered home. I love this delivery service because no matter how busy the restaurant might be, it always takes between 30-60 min to get home.

Patxi’s Pizza is a Bay Area based, Chicago deep dish specializing restaurant. They have a few locations scattered across SF, but Noe Valley is the closest to mine.


They also offer a great deal of a pizza slice, salad and soda as a lunch combo for only $9.99! I haven’t had the pleasure to eat here for lunch, but I will have to snag them on their offer one day.


Since the pizza is cooked to order, it takes around 35-40 minutes to wait for it to bake. The restaurant is jam packed on the weekends, so we usually order a pizza while we’re waiting, and then go to the bar next door and grab a drink.



We ran into our friends at the bar (surprisingly, har har), and all shared a pitcher of Blue Moon. Ironically enough, it was placed in a Gordon Biersch pitcher.


After we caught up with everyone, we closed our tab and headed back to Patxi’s. Our table was almost ready, and I happened to see this adorable card on their wall. Pizza makes me happy too, Minna. (Mima? Any guesses to what the name can be?)


Our chopped salad included herbed chicken, spicy salami, mozzarella, veggies, kidney beans and roasted garlic vinaigrette. I really liked this salad and I’m going to try to recreate it at home with avocado.


Now this is where I cut you back into this week, and show you how amazing this pizza looks.


Drumroll pleaseā€¦


Ta da! Look how high the pizza sits in the crust! I have always been a thin crust girl, but I think I’m finally coming around to deep dish. I picked up ‘The Special’, which is garlic-fennel sausage, mushrooms, green bell peppers and substituted banana peppers.

Now off to study for a Microbiology lab exam, I’m already drained just thinking about it. See you on Friday!

Do you prefer thin crust or deep dish?

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