Public Works

I finally received all my admissions decisions and happy to say I got into four out of five schools I applied to, with two of them being the ones on top of my list! I was driving home on Thursday after a long day of lab, when I opened my e-mail at a red light and saw the beautiful words:

“Congratulations, we are excited to welcome you to our school for the Fall 2013 Nutritional Sciences/Dietetics program!”

I did an embarrassing happy dance in my seat all the way home. The schools I applied to aren’t anything close to Ivy League, they were just State schools. However, California has such a budget problem with universities and all schools are so impacted. I thought I wasn’t going to get into any of them even though I worked my ass off the past 2 1/2 years. Now I have to choose between staying in San Francisco and going to a slightly less ranked school or moving down to LA to go to a more recognized school.

My day grew exponentially better when I came home to find out that Public Bikes was having a weekend sale! The bike I was lusting over was on sale for $200 less, it almost seemed like a sign from above that I had to go and buy it. I had a few days to decide, so I thought really hard if it was a smart decision to buy the bike and decided to just check it out on Saturday to see if I loved it in person.

After I got off work on Saturday, I dragged my poor boyfriend (who worked for 26 hours the day before) along so we can use his truck to bring my bike home if I ended up buying it. This was my second time going bike shopping since we went two weeks ago.



Don’t mind if I do! Public shares it’s Valencia home with a cute furniture store. They were really busy with the overload of sale loving customers, so I looked around before I was helped. I ended up chatting with the founder of Public, it’s nice to see him still hanging out and helping customers.


I decided on which bike I wanted, but didn’t get to bring it home. I had a minor surgery the week before that didn’t allow me to test ride any of the bikes, so we couldn’t figure out which size worked well for me. I ended up just paying for it to lock in my price, and will come back next Saturday to pick up my beautiful new bike. Swoon

After we were finished, we drove down to SOMA and ate at Holy Grill for tasty burgers.


I’ve never heard of this place, but Chi’s friend owned it, so I figured I’d give it a shot. All the burgers are religious-inspired names, mi gusta!


I ended up getting the Trinity, to much deliberation. When I opened my box, I must admit I was a little bit startled. This burger was huge! Must be using one of the best natural gas grills!


I should of put a quarter next to it for size proportions. It came to a surprise to both of us when I finished the last bite, I never finish burgers. This vanilla shake helped wash down all 1000 calories of that bad boy.


Chi started getting cranky so we went home and I put him down for a nap (just kidding, babe) for two hours until it was time for dinner! My mom and her husband were in San Francisco during a seven hour layover from Oregon -> Hong Kong/Thailand, so it was great to see them before they leave out of the states for two weeks. We picked them up at my grandparents house, and took them to Cha Cha Cha‘s (on Mission St) for tapas.


We got parking right across the street (!!). I feel like I always mention parking, but for anyone who has ever lived in or visited San Francisco, you know it absolutely makes your day when the parking gods are on your side.


I love their exposed brick and hope to have it in my future house one day.


Cha Cha Cha’s is a definite San Francisco staple, I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t heard or visited this restaurant before. They are famous for their Cajun Shrimp, which is a FAOT (Food and Other Things) must try! I could come here and just dip my bread in their cajun sauce all day and all night long. I found the recipe online, but I’m afraid to attempt it at home, fearing that it won’t come out as good.


My second favorite tapa, the mushrooms. These are sautéed in some sort of white wine sauce. Excuse the blurry picture, the lighting in Cha Cha Cha’s is beautiful to hide a red face from their delicious Sangria, but horrible to take pictures in.


My third favorite, the calamari, which my mom’s husband states is the best calamari he has ate in a long time. Let’s keep in mind that he is a fisherman, and has had his fair share of calamari.


The chicken paillard, which also boasts a delicious sauce, comes in a close fourth. I never thought I would write so much about sauce, but each of these dishes seriously has amazing taste. Bread and sauce, baby.


Last but not least, the spanish rice and beans.


We got them to the airport in time, and Chi and I finished the night off with D’Jango Unchained. This movie continues to prove why Quinten Tarantino is my favorite director of all time.

PS: I randomly checked my RSS feed and saw I got my first subscriber sometime last week! So whoever you are, thank you so much for subscribing! It’s such a small accomplishment, but it seriously made my day 🙂

Hasta miércoles!

If you ride, what kind of bike do you have? What’s your favorite hometown restaurant?

The Terracotta Army Visits San Francisco

Two weeks ago, I was driving home and saw the new exhibit in the Asian Art Museum. The Terracotta Warriors were sent to San Francisco for a few months and I was ecstatic to be able to see them again.

The first time I saw them was when I did a China trip with my mom two (or is it three now?) years ago. We started north in Beijing, headed west to Xi’an, back to water in Shanghai and ended our trip south in Guangzhou and Hong Kong. I was able to see the Terracotta Warriors in full prestige in Xi’an, and it was absolutely breathtaking. I don’t know if I will ever go again, so that’s why I knew I had to make a trip to the museum.

I’m taking an online Asian Art History class with my roommate Sarath, so it perfectly linked up to a mandatory museum visit we had to go to. We started our day in the mood for Indian food. I took her to one my dad introduced me to a decade ago, Shalimar. My dad was a total food snob, so I always trusted his judgement regarding restaurants. Although Shalimar only rocks a 3 1/2 stars on Yelp, I don’t blame them because I think it’s hard for hole in the walls to get more than that.


Sarath and I decided to do family style, so we can try more things.


Our first dish was the Seekh Kabab Mughlai, which is grounded beef with delicious herbs and spices, and then barbecued as a skewer on charcoal. I know it doesn’t look so appetizing, but the taste was really there. Indian food isn’t for everyone, which is why I’m happy Sarath was delighted to go.


This curry, the Chicken Tikka Masala, is probably the most popular and well known dish. My favorite part of the meal was dipping my Naan in the sauce.





We can ignore how obnoxiously bright my sweater is and talk about the basmati rice, which was described as “cooked in a rich stock of safevory spices and brown onions and made aromatic with a touch of exotic saffron”. My favorite combo was Naan dipped in the Masala sauce, with rice and a little bit of ground beef on top.


Mango Lassi is the perfect drink to wash down all the heavy flavors coming from the Indian food.


After being extremely satisfied, and only $18 (for both of us!!) later, we headed to the Asian Art museum. We found great parking outside of City Hall.


Then walked a block and a half over to the newly placed museum. The AA museum use to live behind my old house in the Golden Gate Park, this is the third time I got to visit since it reopened.


The exhibit cost $20 to view the Terracotta Warriors, but you get admission to go to see the rest of the exhibits as well.


A replica of some of the figures found inside the caves. This one is housed outside the exhibit, so it isn’t the real deal.


Finally in the third room, after seeing ornaments and clay animals, we got to see the beloved warriors. So pristine.


Obligatory Buddha head, which I have an infatuation with. This one is from India.


Sarath went a little picture happy with my camera.



And a picture of what I came for, Guan Yin. We had to find something in the museum we wanted to write an essay about, so of course I chose Guan Yin. She and I have a special relationship that I will write about another day.


We did so much walking that day, but I’m so happy we got to visit the museum. It’s so hard for me to find people that actually want to go, so thank you Sarath!

Do you enjoy eating Indian food? What’s your favorite kind of art?

Where Are The Girl Scout Cookies?

The Girl Scouts have been pushing cookies for the last seven days and I have yet to acquire a box of Thin Mints in my possession; something is going on. This is the only time of the year I feel comfortable looking for little children in uniforms on the streets, and I am sad to report that my search has came up empty handed this weekend. I was craving them so much with a cup of espresso coffee singapore, but they where nowhere to be found.

San Francisco has been making a killing this month with the weather. It was actually hot enough for short sleeve shirts and we only had one rainy day so far! To my surprise, Dolores Park was not packed as it usually is on a Saturday.


My lunch consisted of an overpriced club sandwich (with chicken and avocado) and a side salad. We ate at an unknown cafe nestled somewhere in Downtown that I probably will never find again.


I originally wanted to do something different, such as play tennis, or go to the museum. But my suggestions were quickly shot down when it was brought up that we didn’t own a pair of tennis rackets and the museum was closing soon. So, we went bike browsing in the land of the hipsters, Valencia St.


I’ve been going to a few bike shops now, but I’m finding it really hard to find a baby pink bike that’s also functional in a hilly city.


With no bike luck, I cheered myself up with ice cream at Xanath. We just happened to stroll by and found the flavors pretty unique, such as huckleberry and pumpkin pie.


I am a coffee ice cream girl, so I got a scoop of espresso and a scoop of Madagascar vanilla. Less is sometimes more.


Not wanting to go home, we made a trip to Trader Joe’s to pick up groceries for the week and some ingredients for our home made dinner. Our sad looking cheese plate consisted of a sliced baguette, Syrah soaked cheese (so good) and crisp Gala apples.


Chi also had a craving for Chicken Piccata, so we followed this recipe to a T and it came out amazing! Yes, we did consume a whole stick a butter, but it doesn’t happen every night and it was worth it. We’ve also been craving gnocchi since we ate at Beretta, so we cooked the gnocchi (a little bit too long) and pan fried it with sautéed spinach. The whole meal came together really well at the end and pictures certainly didn’t do it justice.



Sunday was rather uneventful, as my whole day consisted of this:


What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie? Did you have an eventful weekend?