My mom loves telling stories of my childhood, one in particular is relevant to this category. When I was younger, my mom and her girlfriends would gather up all the kids and take us to Toys-R-Us. Thinking back, I see how it was more for them to have uninterrupted conversations while we tired ourselves out with rows and rows of toys.

However, she always (proudly) states that I would always shoot straight to the book section and just read until it was time to leave. She was so happy because 1. it was educational, and 2. she never had to buy me toys.

This trait carried on throughout my life, I have always been a reader (and not much of a writer). I love having subtitles on everything I watch, to everyone elses frustration.

Although reading is not as high on my priority wish as I would like, I think this page will be a fun way to catalog the books I’ll read throughout my blogging times. I would love to remember each one from the past, but there has been so many lost and forgotten in my brain.Image result for making a book

Do to my love for books I always wanted to write and start making a book of my own. This seem like an amazing experience but it involves so many things.

Basically first I looked for the highest marketing company rankings in the country so I would be able to do a good research on how to start the marketing of my book once I had it finished. So many people told me it was going to be to overwhelming and to difficult to sell I decided to go first to check how is the market moving and how is it to promote and sell a book. Thankfully I went to this digital agency and the explain and gave the great pointers before I started.

Here are the tips I was able to gather for starting a book, and promoting it to the world.

  1. Identify a target audience
  2. Build the author or make it unknown if you like
  3. Design a books cover with the help of professionals
  4. Get book reviews
  5. Talk to your marketing agency and make a promotion strategy
  6. Optimize the book for effective promotions
  7. Prepare your book marketing assets
  8. Launch the book
  9. Create a reader event

There are many more ways and points to start a book but I will keep you updated in my next post. I hope you find this helpful as it was for me, this experience has been incredible and an awesome way of learning.