Bits And Scraps

I’ve been in such a funk last week, that this post will be in bullet list form. My weekend consisted of:

Rhubarb Pie


Holy delicious pie. Rhubarb and warm apple pie are my two favorite pies. There is something about rhubarb that makes me feel like if people imagine pies in their head, this is what it would taste like. When I brought home this mini pie, my roommate asked me what rhubarb was and I realized that I’m not even sure what it is. I never even questioned what I was eating, so I googled it and it kind of looks like a mix between swiss chard and celery. Maybe one day I will be adventurous enough to make my own rhubarb pie.

– 1000 Piece Puzzle

I use to do puzzles a lot when I was younger and woke up one morning having an itch to do one. Thank god for Amazon Prime, because it arrived to my door step two days later. We had our Alaskan friends in town, so I set aside the geekiness for a few days. I started Friday night around 7 PM until my eyes felt like bleeding.


Slept, woke up and went to work, then came home and finished the thing by 5 PM. Not bad for <24 hours, no? I also had some help (more or less) from my eager roommates, so I can’t take all the credit. I did do 95% of it, so we can officially crown me the puzzle master.


(Whoops, forgot to take camera of manual focus)

Mooching For Food

I have not been in the mood to cook at all. In fact, I think I only cooked once this whole week which I would consider to be pretty rare. My meals have looked mostly like this, +/- a tortilla or rice. I’ve been mooching off my boyfriend’s restaurant or eating during the shifts I volunteer at with the hospital.


– Packing

In my haste of doing absolutely nothing, at least I accomplished packing: the most annoying thing to do in the world. Packing sucks because I will spend hours making sure I didn’t forget anything and the second we get in the car, I remember everything I forgot to bring.


Just kidding, I didn’t even pack yet.


I really need to get it together. I don’t know if it’s because I went from having such busy days to having to do absolutely nothing instantly, but I have been feeling really unmotivated to do anything but lay in bed like a sad panda and take naps. I seriously applaud all SAHW/M or WAH individuals, because staying at home sucks. It’s such a first world problem that I’m having, but I’m finding myself resenting doing the most minimal tasks that I wouldn’t even bat my eyelashes about two weeks ago. Before leaving on Tuesday, I still have to

-Go on a run on Monday

-Ship back my textbooks

-Start packing

-Pick up a Skiphop backpack for the babies, immunization records and unofficial transcripts

-Return some clothes at the mall


-Write Wed’s blogpost

-Do acupuncture for the first time

Feeling really lazy and pathetic, this list is giving me anxiety already.

Santa Barbara, I hope your warm weather fixes me.

How do you pick yourself up from funks? What am I forgetting to pack already?

24 thoughts on “Bits And Scraps

  1. You have me wanting to do a puzzle now too! I’m not sure if I could describe what rhubarb is either. All I know is it’s a fruit (I think) that makes for a delicious pie! Have fun in Santa Barbara!

    • Make sure all the pieces are still there! I get so frustrated when I get to the end of the puzzle and one piece is missing.

  2. I’ve never had rhubarb pie before! Your pic is making me want to find some ASAP!

    And it never fails…I almost always forget to pack the essentials (think socks and underwear). Such obvious things that I overlook!

    • The worse thing I forgot was my contact box! I had to put them in shot glasses overnight filled with water. Let’s just say I never forgot them again.

    • My old roommate/best friend and I did a humongous King Tut puzzle. Sucks we had to tear it down when we moved.

  3. Oh my gosh, I totally do NOT have the patience for puzzles, ha! I’m like, “This kind of fits right? I mean, it almost fits. No, that totally fits. Leave it alone.” 😛

    I actually have a packing list saved as a word file on my computer! I included EVERYthing that I could possibly need for ANY trip (so it says both sunscreen and sweater), but simply cross off the things that don’t apply. Haven’t forgotten anything yet 🙂

    • Ha! You’re just like my boyfriend. I just kind of politely told him off after a few pieces, he was messing up my zone!

    • That’s how I felt about macaroons! Everyone and their moms loved them but I didn’t try them until a few months ago.

  4. Hah now I want to do a puzzle! I haven’t done one in forever.

    I’m the WORST at packing so I don’t have great advice… I always forget to plan for the weather of the place I’m GOING. I always just pack like I’m staying in Richmond!

  5. i’ve never tasted rhubarb, but i would imagine it to be like a strawberry jam? i ALWAYS make sure to bring my tweezers! when i’m planning to pack for a trip, i always keep a running list nearby (or saved on my cell) to avoid forgetting things 🙂

    • I’m going down to Santa Barbara and LA for a few days! It’s south of SF, around a 5-6 hour drive. 🙂

  6. I don’t think I’ve ever had a rhubarb pie – looks so good!!
    I ride my horse to pick myself up – or just eat some good food (read: ice cream) while curling up on the couch with a good movie 😉
    Oh and that puzzle is mighty impressive! I love working on puzzles. I would do one everyday if they didn’t require so much space and time!

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