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Happy Monday everyone! It’s hot as shit in China right now! I’m so excited to have Charlotte write to you guys today. She’s so hilarious and one of my favorite reads in the morning. Enjoy and make sure to check out her page! Come back on Thursday to see some pictures from China. <3 -- Hello Food & Other Things fans!! I'm Charlotte and I have a blog called Commitness to Fitness. When the lovely and talented Miss Tara asked me to guest post I was so honored and psyched 🙂

So, today’s post falls into the “Other Things” category. Today we’re going to talk about fitness, or as the great Fergie would say, “working on our fitness”. Or more specifically in this case, getting our Bar Method on.

What is Bar Method? It’s a mixture of pilates, yoga and ballet. I talk about Bar Method ad nauseum quite a bit on my blog because it’s such an amazing full body workout, without being scary like CrossFit. (Another fun fact about me: I am so scared of CrossFit.) A friend of mine recommend getting a flex belt from, this will help tighten my stomach while I workout.

And even though I’ve been going to Bar consistently for about 9 months now, it still kicks my booty every. single. time. How does it do that?

Like this:

It works your arms, because you are not a T-Rex:


It works your legs, because there’s a time and a place for everything:


It works your abs, so you can hit the snooze button with gusto every morning:


And it works your butt, because cupcakes:


If they don’t have a studio near you they have dvds and stuff like that you can try. There’s also Pure Barre which is really similar. Although I’ve never tried it myself, I’ve heard terrific things about it.

Why I’m so psyched about Bar Method is because I’m one of those people who have a hard time sticking to one form of exercise for an extended period of time. However, I’ve stuck with Bar Method for the past 9 months which is a RECORD in the Guiness Book of Charlotte Records. (Which really does exist, although when I say “book” I mean “piece of scrap paper” and Guiness would definitely not want their name associated with it.)

So, if you’re looking for a great workout that promises results in just 1 month, give it a go! At 9 months I’ve never felt stronger!

Thanks Tara for the opportunity to connect with your readers! Hope you’re having a blast on vacation!!

29 thoughts on “Guest Post: Bar Method 101

  1. So this post definitely just changed my life because I’ve heard you rant and rave for forever and a day about Bar Method but was really sad because there’s not one near me but I just googled Pure Barre and there’s one near me!…longest, probably most useless sentence ever. Anyway, rest assured, I will be trying it at some point this week. (Probably Thursday or Sunday, if you wanted to know.) Have a wonderful Monday, Charlotte, and I hope you’re enjoying China, Tara! Can’t wait to see pictures!

  2. I’m trying bar method next week, and I am now so excited! I’ve heard you rave about it, so I figured it was about time I tried something new!

    Hope you’re having a lovely time in China Tara!

  3. EVERYBODY EVERYBODY, Charlotte got me to try a barre class and it was SO HARD but amazing and it’s definitely worth visiting at least once! Also, I found some really great YouTube videos of full workouts, so you can even get a little taste at home.

    ps – Hope you’re having a wonderful trip, Tara! 😀

  4. I’ve been curious about the Bar Method and Pure Barre classes! There isn’t any offered around here, but maybe once I move in September I’ll be able to find something. I’m all about heavy weights right now, but it’d be nice to mix it up a little!

  5. Lol, you explained it so well, Charlotte! 🙂 I want to try a Barre class so bad. The closest place is 30min from me so I’m too lazy to drive my butt up there but I need to.
    And Tara- I loved that the first line is “It’s hot as shit in China!” lol. Brandon went there a few summers ago and said it was so hot and humid that he was soaked the whole time. Then when I looked at his pictures, literally everyone in them was soaked. It looked so gross! 🙂 Hope it cools off soon!

  6. I adore Bar Method. I have been taking 3-5 classes a weeks since January and it’s so addictive. It never gets easier, it just gets more manageable to do. I also talk about it like it’s a religion! I love the way I feel after class.

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