All Vegetarian With My Vegetarian

Whoever said the coldest winter they experienced was a summer spent in San Francisco clearly has not lived in a decade ruled by global warming. Of course I am typing this as the city is lovingly blanketed by fog, but I promise that the last few weeks has been crazy-hot shorts weather.

(ps. Mark Twain was proven to not be the man behind the quote)

Now that summer is among us, I have been scrambling to get everything done before I begin my summer semester. A few things on my to-do list includes trying new foods (what else is new) and completing projects minutes before the deadline. I managed to check off both tasks in one day when I went to go visit Jacque sometime last week.

We promised each other lunch since I have not seen her since her mom was in town. I was in the middle of doing research on vegetarian friendly restaurants for said project and she recommended this all vegetarian restaurant that sits on the harbor of Fort Mason.

To be honest, the person we really need to thank is Jacq’s husband since she volunteered their wedding gift card to Greens Restaurant for our impromptu dining escapade. I said no about four times and made her text him to make sure it was okay.

A cool snippet behind Greens is that they were opened in 1979 as part of the San Francisco Zen Center. Their menu is all vegetarian, all local and all delicious.

I was really excited that there was a boat/building as part of our window scenery.


As always, we shared everything family style and started with two appetizers. The first one to come out was vegetarian pupusas ($12) filled with squash blossoms, spring onions, serrano chilies and cilantro. It’s served with a side of avocado, salsa and pickled vegetables.

These were so different from the greasy, meat and cheese filled Salvadorian pupusas I get from Santaneca. Instead, they were light and was complimented well by the avocado. I am not the biggest pickled veggie fan so I saved those for Jacq.


The next dish to roll out was fresh spring rolls ($11) w/ carrots, jicama, daikon, cabbage and jalapeños. These were served with a side of peanut sauce and a mushroom/radish salad.

It’s a good thing that I don’t care for pickled veggies and she hates mushrooms.


As an ode to her African honeymoon, we shared the North African sampler ($17.5) that included a medley of different bites. Some things included were a basmati rice + lentil salad, beet salad w/ harissa vinaigrette, roasted carrots + fennel and hummus w/ dukkah + pita bread.

The flavors were spot on but I am a fan of warm foods and everything was a little bit less than room temperature.


My favorite out of everything was this summer squash and pesto pizza ($17). It was topped with grilled red onions, lemon, asiago, gran padano and pepper flakes.


Since her husband is allergic to chocolate and nuts, we indulged in this flour less chocolate cake ($?) with ice cream. It is hard to not be impressed with chocolate cake but the texture was perfect.


Some how some way we ended up unintentionally matching! Only difference was her shirt had a cool floral pocket and my pants leaned more green.

photo (26).jpg

I am excited for this weekend, I might go to a drive-in theater! We will see how everything pans out.

Plans for this weekend?

9 thoughts on “All Vegetarian With My Vegetarian

  1. Oh that sampler and that pizza and don’t get me started on that cake…so sweet of your friend and her hubby to volunteer their their wedding gift card to this Restaurant – awesome eats and too funny yall were matching – talk about being in sync! 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend

    • Yeah, I think the price was a little off putting for the kind of food we received. The temperature thing was another factor for me but I’m assuming more veg foods are served colder than meat dishes. I’ll have to try Millenium! I hear Source is a really good one as well.

      • I think restaurants like Greens give vegan/vegetarian restaurants a bad reputation. It’s mediocre at its best. I haven’t tried Source yet. Is it in SF? I live in LA and go up to San Francisco a couple times a year.

  2. Love the matching outfit! My cousin is vegan and lives in SF, and she swears that Millenium is really delicious! I noticed someone mentioned that in the comments above, so I thought I’d add another source! That being said, all the food looks incredible! She’s had both the summer squash and pesto pizza and said they taste as good as they look! I’m incredibly jealous of my cousin and you for eating this goodness x

  3. The North African sampler looks delicious! I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Kenya about six years ago and the food was just perfect. I’d love to try some African food in the US to see how it compares!

  4. I love meat, I will always love meat, and I am smart about it, eat it in moderation, but places like Greens (which I love) really make you forget that you are “missing out”. Their food is so original and delicious that you are completely satisfied.

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