A Visit From Mom

Valentine’s Day is coming up in the next two days, and love is in the air. I’m in-between the beginnings of a cold and an upcoming Microbiology exam, so I left all planning up to my boyfriend this year. I’m usually against all things cheesy, but there is something so undeniably sweet about Valentine’s Day that I can’t help but fold into tradition.

My mom came to visit last week and we had a blast. She is busy in Oregon raising her chickens and taking care of her new husband, so it is always a treat to get to hang out with her. We made it a tradition to eat at The Rotunda at Neiman Marcus once a year for as long as I can remember. It’s always nice to eat in the historic San Francisco building. (My favorite time to go is when they have the 80-foot Christmas tree inside the store during the holidays).




Our lunch started off with an elegant complimentary chicken consommé and a flakey puff pastry. This little cup is traditional in French cuisine and was a nice way to warm myself up before we started eating.


What made The Rotunda so special to me when I was younger was this popover and strawberry butter. It use to be the perfect, warm, flakey, melt in your mouth starter, but my expectations fell short this time. I hate to think that maybe I over imagined it in my head, but my mom agreed that it wasn’t what it use to be.



My mom and I shared the hot pastrami sandwich and wild mushroom ravioli with edamame. I liked the pastrami more, even though I am not much of a sandwich fan. The food was good, but we agreed that we would end our yearly tradition this year; there are too many places in San Francisco that we haven’t gave our attention to. This meal wasn’t something to put in the books, but I will always hold a special place in my heart for The Rotunda.


A bonus picture of my mom that she wanted me to share!

Any special plans for Valentine’s Day? Is there any restaurants that you have an attachment to?

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