A Meaty Valentines

I woke up yesterday not knowing what my plans were going to be for the evening, so you can imagine how I spent the better part of my day. What to wear? Should I eat a light lunch? Will I make it home in time?

Of course, all these concerns straightened themselves out as the day wore on. I started my day at 6:30a, took the kids I nanny for to school and then ate breakfast at my grandma’s house. Studied with classmates before class, attended a Microbiology lecture about microbial growth (certainly the highlight of my day) and drove home for a quick cat nap. After getting ready, I had a chunk of time to spare because my boyfriend got held up at the restaurant so I decided to play with my new tripod I got in the mail.

IMG_1087 copy.jpg

He came home just in time and I made sure to drag him in a few pictures. We are not the most photogenic couple and I just wanted one good one where we both have our eyes open; clearly it wasn’t our day. Hey babe, is that a wink or a squint?

IMG_1089 copy.jpg

We’re also not the best with timing, which got us all candids and no straight on shots. He either said something funny or I am just easily amused.


I think this next one described the situation perfectly.

Me: Okay, just one good one! Last one, promise.

Him: I’m seriously going to choke you right now. Cheeese


Ten minutes behind schedule, we got in the car and hit rush hour traffic. I am a huge worry wart and started panicking in the car because time was not on our side. I also was really anxious to know where we were going to eat. I feel bad for the poor guy, I think I drove him crazy. Just a little bit, at least.

When we got closer, I absolutely knew where we were going! Espetus Churrascaria, baby!! I have been dying to try this Brazilian steakhouse out for ages, I couldn’t wait to get out the car. We walked in and got seated instantly. Brazil’s national drink, a Caipirinha (sugar cane hard liquor, sugar & lime) some how made it to our table before I even put my bag down.


We made a rookie mistake and pounced on the bread before the meal. There was a sweet puff, a cousin of a Churro, and a fried sweet plantain. All were delicious and I wanted to bring a few home for desert.


This was not your typical, ordinary buffet; no sir. First, you start with the salad bar which entailed more than just veggies. My plate consisted of a constellation of arugula salad, cous cous, Brazilian guacamole (I favor Mexican more), hummus, eggplant and many more. We got situated and ate some greens before the meat party began.


This sign was our best friend the whole night. When it’s flipped up to green, the men and their large skewers of meat come to your table and ask if you would like a taste. When you flip it over to the red side, they skip your table until you’re ready to go again. There was 19 different meat options, which sounds confusing but keep scrolling.


The first meat that came was chicken hearts, which we politely declined. Next was homemade pork sausages. Yes please!


Next came chicken drumsticks (which I am embarrassed to say was my favorite) and then something that made me blush. Bacon wrapped filet mignon. I couldn’t resist, I had two.


One of our friendly meat servers.


Ten different cuts of steak, four rounds of pork coated in heaven and three serving of cooked pineapple later, we threw in the towel. Or at least we thought we did, until the server casually slipped the desert menu on our table. I have a rule where I’m not really interested unless Creme Brûlée is available, and it was our lucky (or un-lucky, however you want to think about it) night.


Even though we both were a speed bump away from throwing up from pure gluttony, it was a great experience and a memory I’m happy I get to share with him.

How was your Valentine’s Day? Have you ever gotten so full it was uncomfortable to walk?

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