A List Of Thinks

A few years ago (pre-Pinterest era if you can believe), I stumbled upon a picture of a bunch of nonsense phrases that was typed on a back of an old handwritten receipt. For some odd and unknown reason, I was really attached to it. I do not have the original .jpg anymore but I do have it written down in my journal and I thought it would be nice to share-

a list of thinkgs i should remember:

time heals

the sunrise is a constant

salt water stings

i am worth all of it

driving calms

the music will never end

books finish

(sometimes happily)

the phoebe birds will always

sing my grandmother’s name

locked doors can be unlocked

trees produce oxygen

i produce carbon dioxide

stars die all the time

the sun burns

I think everyone interprets it a different way and that is why I like it so much. Today’s entry started so random and I thought it would be good to continue and take a break from all these restaurant posts. 🙂



Based on my posts, I should be six hundred pounds and my arteries clogged beyond fixing. I like to disregard limits when I go out to eat at restaurants so I can enjoy foods that I cannot make at home. Yes, sometimes I go a little overboard and I realize a few weeks ago that the internet does not know my eating habits outside of what I post. I am sad to report that they are pretty boring. There are a million healthy living bloggers that kick ass at posting healthy foods and recipes so I tend to steer clear and entertain my own little niche.

The above picture is a portion of a typical home dinner. If I know I am not going out, I usually eat a bigger lunch and make a smaller dinner with a few snacks to get me to bedtime. I subconsciously loosely follow MyPlate’s guidelines with 1/2 plate veggies and fruits, 1/4 protein and 1/4 whole grains. Taylor makes her amazing salads and I will grill up chicken with (insert seasonal vegetables here) and a fun rice blend using the best rice cookers from The Crazy Baker. Our current favorite is a mixture of brown rice, wild rice and black rice.




I never truly understood the limits of patience until I had to hang more than one picture on the wall. Somewhere between marathoning The Office and a trip to Ikea, I had a bright idea that I wanted a picture wall in my room. (not a bright idea at all)

It ended up being horrible in practice- I think it looks tacky. I was so frustrated at the end that I almost took them all down. They are still up as I type this because I actually really like the pictures and am waiting to rearrange some furniture before I decide what to do with all the frames. Any ideas?! I recently moved and I have one really blank wall with almost no furniture pushed against it (due to how the room is set up it would look kind of weird) so this was my solution. This is me personally asking for help.



I forgot to mention in my last post but Chino restaurant has song lyrics in their fortune cookies! So hipster, I love it.

Another one we got was philosophy is the talk on a cereal box/religion is a smile on a dog. I thought it was so deep until I googled the lyrics and found out that Baby Spice from Spice Girls was the singer.

West Coast


There is this painted sign on the freeway that I have been trying to take a picture of for so long now. I never was able to catch it on time or forgot about it until I drove past it but I was finally able to snap a good shot when we drove back from our lunch at Barbacco. Taylor and I did a high five after and felt so accomplished. Another thing to check off my ridiculously long check-list of life.

PS: It’s on the right side of the 280 coming from the Embarcadero right after the Sixth Street or Mariposa Ave exit if you happen to care.



Wow, look how amazing the background shot is. I am so lucky to live in this b-e-a-utiful city. Emily, I am sure you are used to this view. 🙂

This section is titled homeless because I was originally getting my fashion blogger (ha, not) on when a homeless guy started doing some stuff that is not appropriate for this blog and I could not help but watch. This was after I took my best friend from middle school out for a belated birthday. That post will be going up on Monday and I am excited to show you more later and also take a look at these cow hide rugs at https://www.fursource.com/cow-hide-rugs-c-102.html

Thank you for letting me share my list of thinks! There are a lot of pictures that got lost in the shuffle after I started to make each post centered on one topic. I am happy to finally get them out there.

What is the weirdest fortune cookie you cracked open? Mine was digital circuits are made from analog parts. How would you even interpret that? My brain is too simple to understand.

Any random things going on in your life?

8 thoughts on “A List Of Thinks

  1. I made virginia come with me to Chinos wed night after I saw your post. We loved it! Your post had me curious 🙂 and I agree I thought the wings could be more spicy! Let’s dine together sometime 😉 I have the perfect spot in mind.

  2. I’m loving this randomness. For the record, I appreciate all of the resto posts because I am the same way when I eat out, but if I post unhealthy stuff on the blog people freak out. I’m like bitch pleaaaase you think I could survive off healthy food all the time? okay don’t tell anyone that lol. I need some west coast best coast in my life. Everyday I’m like I’m soooooo over the East coast. Get me outta here.

  3. Oh please keep posting about your perpetual foodie puddle jumping. We (I) live vicariously through you and your banging (not 600 lbs, and not artery clogged) body. I second David.. I like the randomness. Your poetic musings inspired me to journal today. And to cook.
    Ps. Photo walls are like making homemade sushi. It’s either completely heroic or hard to look at.
    Pps. Pic of you and me = I accept.

  4. You mean you don’t eat creme brulee every night and sticky wings? Who are you?

    To be honest, this post was refreshing because of that- It’s nice to get this insight into you- and your…fortune cookies? The best one I ever got was-
    ‘You are the crispy noodle in the Asian vegetable salad’. Stupid cookie was hitting on me.

  5. Ha, I enjoyed reading this random post! I feel you on the picture wall thing — I have been decorating and buying and hanging and rearranging since I moved into my new house…and it definitely requires some patience! Part of me just wants everything to be done and nice, but then on the other hand I don’t want to rush it too much and would like to gradually acquire things I love and really wanted to get, rather than buy things in a hurry just to fill a space ASAP ya know?

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