15 Hour Flight, Here I Come!

So if you’re reading this, I’m either:

A.) In the middle of a 15 hour flight

B.) On a three hour bus ride

C.) In China!

Yes yes! My mom and I have been planning this vacation since it’s the only year I probably won’t have summer school. We’re spending three days in Hong Kong & Guangzhou, ten days in Sichuan and seven days in Japan!

I’m so excited that I actually packed early and not 20 minutes before we have to leave for the airport!

Chi thinks it’s weird that I pack everything into separate shopping bags, I just think it’s way easier to find things this way.


In terms of blogging, I’m going to change my posting schedule to Monday and Thursday for the next three weeks and I’m so excited to share that some of my favorite bloggers has agreed to help me out and write guest posts! I got to take a peak at them and I’m sure you guys will love! Monday will be my blogging friends and Thursday will be Asia recaps. I wasn’t planning to blog during my time out there, but a lot of my friends wanted to see how everything was going and I would love to share my pictures as well.

Although I am so excited to go, I am going to miss this guy very very much.


Yesterday, for my last night in SF, he took me out to eat at a very special place. Lolinda.


They have an ahh-mazing rooftop bar where Medjool used to be, we managed to grab a drink before dinner started.

They must of put a ton of money into renovating, because I was in awe when I walked in. I’ve been to a lot of fancy pants restaurants, but this one was decorated so well. Pictures seriously doesn’t do it justice, it’s a lot bigger and grand-er (?) outside the lens. They also paid a lot of attention to detail, which I love.

It was almost pitch black too, so my camera picked up a lot of light. This is a fore-warning for how diluted the lighting is in the next few pictures.


Lolinda describes its self as, “a new kind of Argentinian steakhouse that combines Latin American flavors with californian sensibilities”.

There were so many ambrosial options on the menu that we had a hard time figuring out what to eat. We started with the empanada de carne, stuffed with beef, raisins, egg, potato, olives and a side of chimichurri. My time at Lolinda reminded me of how much I love chimichurri dressing, I”m going to have to make some when I come back to the states.


The choripan came next, which wasn’t exactly what I expected but thoroughly enjoyed. I thought it would be more ground chorizo with bread but it came in the form of a fancy hot dog. The flavor was on point, Chi and I were eating the bits left on the plate after.


The table next to us recommended the pork chops (which I love, Chi hates) and sea bass (which Chi loves, but I hate) so we settled for a good ol’ fashioned Matambre: flank steak. I wish there was more, it was one of the best cuts of meat I had in a long time.


Of course I had to order a side of veggies, to Chi’s exasperation, to balance out all the hearty meats we received. Dino kale, crimini and chili flakes in the first bowl and Chilero (spicy picked vegetables) in the other.


It was an awesome meal at the end of the day and the bill came to a little less then 100 bones, including two drinks. Thank you Chi!

How do you sort your things in the suitcase? Any great eats this week?

13 thoughts on “15 Hour Flight, Here I Come!

  1. Ohhh my gosh I can’t wait to hear all about these adventures! China and Japan! I’ve always wanted to visit Asia–I think Thailand is at the top of my want-to-travel list, but I’d take anywhere exotic! And I pack all my stuff in separate Ziploc baggies, so know you’re not alone! It just stays so much more organized.

  2. Oh I’m so, so excited to hear about Asia!! 😀 China and Japan just sound like such amazing places!
    I’m pretty bad at packing my suitcase… I just throw everything in there which makes it nearly impossible to find later. Maybe I better try the shopping bag thing 😉
    Have an AMAZING trip!!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness your food looks SO good. You should send me some of the food from that restaurant! I can’t wait to hear about your China adventures–the last time I was there, I was 5, aka I remember very, very little. 🙂 Have fun!

  4. This food looks SO good and you’re right – the interior is gorgeous! Love the plates, too.

    I never thought to separate things like that in my luggage, but it’s a brilliant idea! Plus, when you’re travelling, you can always use a few extra plastic bags.

    I have to do a mega long flight myself in a few weeks. Do you have any advice??

    Have a wonderful trip! Can’t wait to see those photos! 😀

    • Just remember you won’t be on the plane forever! Our flight was only 13 hours (jeez!) instead of the usual 14. So I slept for 7, watched half of the last season of the Office, and slept for another 2. Doesn’t sound bad but I was going crazy, atleast there was good shows!

  5. Love your dress in that picture! I hope you have a safe flight! I seriously am so excited for you! Take lots of pictures! I can’t wait to read all about your adventures!

  6. Have the most amazing trip! I am so thrilled for you and am looking forward to the recaps…I’ve never been to China.

    PS: Ebags are a great alternative to the plastic bags because they keep everything separate but also flat!

    • Thanks Ameena! You definitely need to look into a trip to China, although you probably have your head full from moving. I’ll have to look into Ebags, they sound awesome.

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